Time and attendance Application is a type of business application designed to track and optimize the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of wages and salaries paid. Time and attendance Application is the process of tracking work hours, Another option for tracking time was a punch clock now businesses have the option of attendance software.

The employee must remember to perform an action in order to exactly capture the data.

Manual or spreadsheet time and attendance application based reporting creates an administrative vision, lack of real-time reporting, and constant after the fact corrections and adjustments to payroll and benefits.

Perfect for employees, Our time & attendance application available for iOS and Android user, self-service access for tasks like punching in/out, viewing and submitting timesheets

IN & OUT time track :

Using the Time & Attendance application we can track the employee Login In & Login Out where it gives employees the ability to review and approve their timecards anytime, anywhere. And It also track the GPS location of the employee.

Employee tracker :

With the use of time & attendance application we can track the real time, Date & location of the employee. So that we can calculate the working days of the particular employee, leaves and it also provides the payments of the employee.

Leave Management :

Time & Management application also helps to manage the leave schedule & also request where it makes very efficiently to manage the leaves management.

Holiday View :

With the help of time & attendance application, Employees can easily view calendar where it shows the list of holiday in the particular module.

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